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Welcome to my website. The bronze sculptures I make are a representation of the people around me. In previous years I was particularly inspired to create sculptures on dance and movement. Now I actually get my inspiration from everywhere, I see a lot of beauty in things and people around me. Still, the characters are often active, above all, they radiate energy for what they do. Through displaying my art at exhibitions and via this website I aspire to come in contact with other art lovers in the hopes that my art work will help make others feel happy.

When creating a sculpture I rarely have a preconceived plan, at most a few times a sketch. Based on the first idea that I had in mind I allow myself to be lead by the process itself when molding. This way, the sculpture develops organically into what it ultimately is meant to be.

My bronze statues are made in an edition of maximum 8. The whole process is 100% handmade, from molding to casting and patination. That’s the purity that I love and which makes each WORK its own. I participated and am currently participating in EXHIBITIONS in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain.

Jumping Rope Inke Zeegelaar sculptures
Inke Zeegelaar Beeldende Kunst


Making sculptures is my passion, the drive to create something beautiful from just an idea is what always keeps me motivated. No matter how difficult the process can be sometimes, it gives me an enormous sense of freedom when a final sculpture shows what I want to express with it.

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